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VoyeurJapanTV vjt_26042_1-def-1 PEE PEEKIN'

A slim college girl in skirt and sweater combs the city street looking for a place to relieve her distended bladder, but to not avail. Finally she squats in an alley next to a traffic cone, but nervously darts her eyes to make sure no one’s watching. After haphazardly spraying her pee on the pavement and partly on herself in haste, she rushes away.
Another sleek sweater babe has the same problem, finding a public toilet, and dashes behind a building to a rear loading driveway. She leans her booty against a chain link fence, then scoots off to a more secluded solid fence. She hikes her skirt just in time to spray a pale yellow puddle on the pavement. Fortunately, she finds a water tap to rinse out her panties and wash the excess peepee off her ankles.

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