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VoyeurJapanTV vjt_20980_8-def-1 ATTENTION, MALL VOYEURS!

The shopping center is full of busy browsers, and the pretty girls are too mesmerized by the wares to know they are being watched and appreciated. A young lady shops for home furnishings and her black lacy skirt doesn’t serve her well, or maybe it does, TOO well. Every time she picks something up from a low display her fine white panties are in full view, especially to our attentive camera.
Outside a pair of office girls sit waiting for their rides. As they scan their phones for the gossip of the day, we see straight up their short skirts to the round curves of their tight little rumps and the panties squeezed between their cheeks. Up above a young lady stands reading her phone at the edge of the balcony. her striped shirtdress billows in the breeze, for a perfect upskirt glimpse of soft feminine flesh and smooth white panties barely covering her warm moist crotch.

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 VoyeurJapanTV vjt26349_6-def-1

VoyeurJapanTV vjt26349_6-def-1 DIRTY GIRL IN A CLEAN WHITE VEST

The peephole camera sees the white panties and rubbing hand of a young unsuspecting miss. She wriggles out of the undies and spreads her knees apart as we see into her open pussy. She rubs deftly across the sensitive button of her clit, then has to lie back and catch her breath. A snug white sweater vest covers her lean body and her hand almost rubs her crisp white shirt into the folds of her hungry snatch.
When her other hand gets into the act by reaching for her breast and squeezing the nipple under her sweater, she pants with pleasure. Her small graceful hand lies flat against her pubic bone and flutters as her finger drives into the wet folds of her pussy.
Waves of pleasure rise and fall as she spasms and recovers from deep thundering throbs of orgasm. She’s spent and has to rest.

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