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PissJapanTV pjt26029_8-def-1 UHOH! I JUST WET!

A pretty miss hurries to the restroom and streams a hot puddle of piss into the toilet. That’s good. But she couldn’t get her panties down in time and soaked them–that’s not so good. She pulls the wet mess down and wipes the pee off her shapely rump and lovely furry pussy, then wads up the panties into her purse and tries to regain her composure as she walks back to the sidewalk with no underwear under her short skirt. That’s FINE!
Rocking nervously from one leg to the other, a sexy 20-something fidgets and waits for the toilet to be vacant. She rushes in already spraying pee down her legs and dripping out the crotch of her orange undies. her legs get a quick rubdown from a dry tissue, and she keeps the wet panties on as she walks out.
A skinny office girl hikes up her black dress as she squats inches above the toilet. But that doesn’t stop her mint green panties from getting drenched with hot steaming peepee. With her tight skirt, she bets she can get away with tossing the undies and walking around with no underwear at all.

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